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Twelve Hospitals now runs EasyCare HMS

Last week on November 25th, we had a hospital in a district HQ in UP to run EasyCare HMS to power their operations.

After the last update in the website, we had 4 hospitals going with EasyCare HMS, one in Uttarakhand, one in Chattisgarh, one in Bihar. Then this last one in UP.

Now we cover 6 states in India with our software and expecting to add one more state in to our map in early 2014.

Here are the stats.

4 Hospitals in UP

2 Hospitals in UK (Uttarakhand), Bihar, Chattisgarh

1 Hospital each in HP and MP.

Here is the profile of a typical hospital.

Smallest is 25-30 Bedded and largest in 205 bedded hospital.


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EasyCare HMS: Overview

EasyCare HMS is an Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)  is the result of SocIT Technologies Team realising a need for affordable quality hospital management IT solutions for Hospitals in rural India. The  process of working on the concept started in late 2009. By the end of 2012, EasyCare HMS deployed in about eight hospitals in India in different states.

We follow HL-7 data model and HL-7 compliance will be looked once we have the need to exchange of messages between two disparate systems.

To make the software affordable to rural hospitals, EasyCare HMS is a web-application which makes use of the following  open source OS/Software stack to host the application.

Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04/12.04 LTS (Server and Desktop)

Database: Postgresql 8.4

Application Server: Apache Tomcat 6.0

Application Frame Work: AribaWeb 5.0 GA

Programming Language : Java 6.0

The application has additional bundled tools for automated backups to another server and cold fail-over.

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EasyCare HMS: Inventory Management

EasyCare HMS have basic inventory management with material receipt, reconciliation, provision of Department  stores and transferring stock from/to main store to/from department stores including pharmacy .

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EasyCare HMS – Registration & Billing

Billing includes registration, outpatient services, inpatient services, emergency, pharmacy and provisions for discount, credit billing, pay later and one time concessions. It supports three basic fee schedules as well as any number of special fee schedules and non regular discounts for items/procedures.

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Another Hospital in UP runs EasyCare HMS

We are happy to announce that a new customer joined the group of hospitals
running EasyCare HMS on 26th January 2013.  This is our eight-th customer.

This is hospital is a 100 bedded hospital and very strategic in terms of location. Located in a district head quarters of  very large district  which shares boundary with many  districts and  four states in India. This is third hospital in UP which deployed EasyCare HMS.

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A large Bihar Hospital deployed EasyCare

We are happy to announce that  a 220 bedded hospital in Bihar has deployed EasyCare HMS  from 6th December 2012, thus becoming seventh hospital to deploy EasyCare HMS to manage their hospital operations. So far this is the largest hospital in size which runs EasyCare HMS

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