EasyCare Hospital Management System

EasyCare HMS is a hospital information management system (HIMS) that is built to efficiently manage the activities in a hospital such as, new patient registration, OPD management, maintaining patient details, medical records, and medical history, recording and tracking pharmaceutical transactions and inventory, etc. It is the result of SocIT’s realization of need for an affordable hospital management software solution that will enhance administration and management of non-profitable and rural hospitals in India. Currently, EasyCare HMS is deployed in nineteen service-oriented, community hospitals across India.

Why EasyCare HMS?

EasyCare HMS is built to perfectly suit the requirements of a hospital management system. The highlights of our product are:

  • Specialized modules
  • Easy-to-manage administration module
  • Well-designed and user-friendly interface
  • Low maintenance

Please contact us if your interested to know more about EasyCare HMS.