Twelve Hospitals now runs EasyCare HMS

Last week on November 25th, we had a hospital in a district HQ in UP to run EasyCare HMS to power their operations.

After the last update in the website, we had 4 hospitals going with EasyCare HMS, one in Uttarakhand, one in Chattisgarh, one in Bihar. Then this last one in UP.

Now we cover 6 states in India with our software and expecting to add one more state in to our map in early 2014.

Here are the stats.

4 Hospitals in UP

2 Hospitals in UK (Uttarakhand), Bihar, Chattisgarh

1 Hospital each in HP and MP.

Here is the profile of a typical hospital.

Smallest is 25-30 Bedded and largest in 205 bedded hospital.



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