EasyCare HMS

There is a growing consensus among international humanitarian organizations to achieve highest standards of global health care. This arises from the fact that many developing countries are still under the threat of ill-health, malnutrition, and deadly diseases. As part of this, an all-inclusive approach to health care strategy is taking the center stage of all discussions, that includes medical services and IT solutions. An important aspect of this strategy is the processing of clinical and medical data of patients, especially those who are far away from health care facilities. Challenged by this, we in SocIT aspire to transform rural healthcare services in developing countries by providing quality healthcare information management system. EasyCare HMSTM is the result of realization of the need for an affordable hospital management software solution that will support and enhance administration and management activities in non-profitable rural hospitals.

EasyCare HMSTM is a hospital information management system (HIMS) that is built on Open Source platform to efficiently manage the activities in a hospital. Our HMS equips rural healthcare missions to manage new patient registration, OPD management, electronic medical records (EMR), in-patient admissions and discharges, pharmacy, procurement and inventory processes, etc. Within 3 years since we started building the software, we were able to provide EasyCare HMSTM to eight non-profitable hospitals in different parts of India. Today EasyCare HMSTM is running in more than 20 hospitals.