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Release Notes

Version 2.7


  • Provision to enable and disable Credit profiles

EasyCare Reports

  • Stock Ledger : Double counting and some other bugs were fixed
  • Patient Statistics report:  Duplicate block names removed
  • Revenue report : Added credit profile payments to report
  • Revenue report : modified for updated charity names
  • Performance of the Consultant share report was improved


  • Special schedule to emergency registration gives exception

Stores :

  • Datagrid included in GRN details for downloaded spreadsheet
  • Completion of Invoice date included in Material receipt


  • Category totals and amount-due corrected in bill
  • Introduced TDS settlement amounts for payment of dues
  • Fulfiller’s name included in Summary Bill


  • Daily IP charges (Auto billing)
  • Formatted Charity entry table in EMR page
  • Formatted text to be top-aligned in RIS (Radiology)

Dept Stores/Misc:

  • Updated districts and blocks for Tamil Naidu
  • Corrected double line items in dispensing
  • Corrected dosage duration in Prescription printout
  • Removed refunded items from sold column
  • Fixed: Refunding cancelled items gives exception
  • Removed cancelled medication from Prescription


  • Idle Vendor returns transactions changes to prevent DB locks and hanging queries
  • Refund created without line item.
  • Reports: Generate button throws exception when date is not selected.