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Why SocIT?

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We value our customers and their mission

At SocIT, we are customer-centric in our approach and scale our services based on the impact we provide to society through our customers. We involve customers at each stage of the product development cycle and align ourselves to attain customer objective. Our products and services are tailor-made to fit the requirements of rural communities. Through our healthcare information management system, we help our customers to increase the scope of their healthcare activities and expand their operations to more needy areas.

Open Source Environment

Development on Open source software brings down licensing costs to zero and enables producing software products for a fraction of the cost of their commercial counterparts while retaining the same enterprise grade reliability and performance. We, at SocIT, pass on these benefits to our customers thus helping them to keep their costs down in turn and pass on these advantages to the communities they serve.

Reporting and Automation

Our solutions provide a high level of automation and reporting thus freeing operatives from mundane error prone manual operations while increasing reliability, reducing mismanagement,  plugging loopholes and often recovering and even exceeding the cost of the product which ends up paying for itself. It also frees up manpower which can be further utilzed to provide more important duties which cannot be automated.

International Standards and Legal Compliance

Our software solutions are built around international health standards and to suit local legal requirements. This helps our customers to upgrade their operations to international standards and at the same time comply with with the law of land.

Support and Hardware assistance

We provide timely support within regular working hours and emergency support round the clock. Since our solutions depend heavily on proper networking infrastructure and power supply, we offer networking support and consultancy for areas where it is difficult  to find  skilled workers to provide these services.